DeadPest Pest Control Review & Giveaway

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Let’s talk about bugs. Eww — ok, I know. Gross! But with the warmer weather (especially here in the South) it’s just a reality that we all have to deal with. I, for one, hate bugs. There aren’t many things on earth that I hate more than spiders, and if I see one then you will know it because you’ll probably hear me scream all the way from wherever you are currently located in the world. I’m not a fan. Luckily, we haven’t had a major spider problem in our house, but since we moved into our new home we have had an issue with ants.

DeadPest Pest Control Review & Giveaway

We have a pest control company that comes to spray, but I’ve had them out to the house twice in the past couple of months and their spray just wasn’t completely getting rid of the ants. I felt like we were just wasting money. The ants kept showing up in the kitchen and dining room no matter how hard I worked to keep those areas crumb-free! Then, I was contacted by DeadPest and they told me that their pest control system is guaranteed to work as well and last as long as home pest control service, but it was way less expensive and much more convenient. I decided to give it a try.

DeadPest Pest Control Review & Giveaway

So far since we’ve sprayed it, I haven’t seen any ants! I’m so glad to have found a budget-friendly solution to our yucky little bug problem. Plus, it’s super easy to use. And the great thing is, if you buy it and for some reason it doesn’t work for you, you will get your money back. (But it is guaranteed to work!)

Here are just a few of the benefits of DeadPest:

  • It’s odorless and will not stain carpet or furniture.
  • It’s easy! You just spray it around the perimeter of your house every 3 months and no more bugs! They will even send reminders when it’s time to spray.
  • It’s guaranteed to work or your money back.
  • A year’s supply is significantly less expensive than at home pest control companies. You will save hundreds of dollars!
  • DeadPest kills cockroaches, ants, fleas, ticks, spiders, crickets, mosquitoes, gnats, houseflies, silverfish, sowbugs, centipedes, fire ants, fruit flies and other annoying insects.

Check out the DeadPest website for more info and to read all of the reviews from people who have tried it.

DeadPest Giveaway!

Do you want your home to be bug-free? Enter to win a year’s supply of DeadPest! Simply wait for the Rafflecopter widget to load below and follow the instructions to enter. Giveaway ends Friday, April 18 at Midnight EST.

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Sidenote: Giveaway winner will receive a questionnaire from DeadPest after one year and will agree to share feedback on the product. Winner’s feedback may be used as a DeadPest testimonial.

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  1. Karen Jerread says:

    I think our house was built on a major ant hill and I fight them every year. If this product is that good. I definitely will be trying it.

  2. I have an ant problem too! Definitely need a new way to get rid of them, keeping the kitchen clean is not working!

  3. lamishia allen says:

    i absolutely want to try this. anything is better than paying all the money i do to the pest company. simce im a do it yourselfer, i would do this myself too if this product works the way they claim!!

  4. We have a pest control guy that comes monthly but I am having an ant problem now. I found some in the microwave! Yuck. Thanks for the chance to try DeadPest!

  5. Those nearly invisible spiders that make miles of cobwebs drive me crazy.

  6. Carrie W. says:

    I hate ants and this year they have found their way back to my kitchen after a reprieve the year before. Not sure what changed but they have got to go. DeadPest certainly had some great reviews.

  7. I like that it is odorless! the name brand’s floral scent can be too much!

  8. Julie Workman says:

    Ugh, we get ants EVERY year. And yesterday a fat cockroach greeted me in the shower! We rent, but pest control is not provided…I find it SO hard to pay for a service that protects a home we don’t even own, and yet, we don’t have much success doing it ourselves with the stuff available from the hardware store.

  9. Jara Christensen says:

    We have a problem with ants and spiders, ee! I love that it doesn’t stain furniture or fabric! This would be so awesome to win!

  10. Brigitte B says:

    Every year my house is invaded by a different insect depending on what kind of winter we have. One year it was ants, one year it was spiders and last year it was bees. I would really like to try this product out to get rid of pests.

  11. Melissa Stone says:

    Sounds like it’ll handle all sorts of bugs would love to try this since it’s spring and all the lil nasty creepy crawlys are coming in!

  12. amanda whiltey says:

    i like that its safe easy and guranteed to work.

  13. Michael Bellanca says:

    I live in Texas, home of every bug imaginable. I need the big guns to have some control or I will be overrun.

  14. Jaclyn Reynolds says:

    I like that it can be used every 3 months and they send a reminder to you!

  15. Angela P. says:

    I have a problem with ants. I learned on the deadpest website that you only have to spray around your house every 3 months and its guaranteed to work! Awesome!

  16. Diana Thompson says:

    If you notice termites or carpenter ants, don’t ignore it, as the damage they can do to your house is considerable. I would be happy to recommend a product that worked.

  17. Definitely ants – I’d try it for just that reason!

  18. Would love to try this on some ants!!

  19. Courtney McIlwain says:

    I would love to try this!!1

  20. I would like to try it to get rid of the ants in the summer

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