Fabric-Covered Diaper Box: Cute, Easy Storage

Get organized! These fabric-covered diapered boxes are super easy to make.

I’ve seen this idea floating around online for years and I’ve always thought it was totally ingenious. What does every mom of young children need?  More storage.  And what does every mom of young children have plenty of?  Diaper boxes!  Why not save money and minimize waste by turning those boxes into cute storage?  I love this idea and I plan on making several more.  I simplified the versions that I’ve seen in the past and used a quick no-sew “doesn’t-have-to-be-perfect” method.  I didn’t line mine since this is just going in the basement for books and puzzles, but you certainly could line it if you want the inside to look as cute as the outside. You could also use any type of box for this, but since diaper boxes are plentiful for moms of young kids, that’s what I used.

Fabric-Covered Diaper Box: a cute, easy storage solution!

Materials that I used for this project: Fabric; diaper box; box cutter; scissors; ruler; Elmer’s Glue-All ; glue gun; disappearing fabric ink pen; ribbon; and buttons (optional).

If the sewing machine is your friend, here is a great tutorial for lined boxes:  Positively Splendid.  I actually used this for the cutting/measuring technique, and then just glued everything instead of sewing.  If you’re more like me and you prefer the “no-sew” method for virtually everything, then here’s a tutorial for you that shows an easy way to make the inside of the box look cute too: A Girl and a Glue Gun.

Here is what I did:

First, I cut the flaps off of the box with a box cutter.  Then, I laid the fabric out upside down on the floor, placing my box in the center.  I used a disappearing fabric ink pen to mark 2-inch long diagonal lines coming out from the corners.  Then I used my measuring tape as a guide and marked perpendicular lines from the corner of my diagonal line to the end of the fabric.  This created squares in the corners which I cut out. This reduces bulkiness and prevents bunching in the corners.  I then cut along my diagonal line, creating a slit at each corner.  (See tutorial links above for more photos of each step.)

I folded the long sides up first, gluing them to the sides of the box and smoothing the fabric out with my hands.  I wrapped the “flaps” around so they overlapped the short sides, gluing them down.  After my long sides were glued on, I then started on the ends of the box (aka short sides).  First, I folded the sides of the fabric in about an inch or so and glued them down, creating a hem.  Then I applied glue to the end of the box and folded the fabric up and over, gluing it to the inside also and smoothing it out as I went.

Fabric-Covered Diaper Box: a cute, easy storage solution!
Glue sides first, overlapping the ends of the box.

After all of my fabric was glued onto the box, I then used my glue gun to attach the ribbon.  I applied glue to the end of the ribbon, adhering it to the box.  Then I wrapped the ribbon around the box, folding the other end in about a half-inch and gluing it to itself, then glued it to the box. This creates a cleaner look and prevents frayed ends from showing.  (Or, just place the fabric flowers over the point where the ribbon ends meet.)  I made fabric flowers which I also attached with my glue gun, and  I glued buttons to the center of a few of the flowers.

Fabric-Covered Diaper Box: a cute, easy storage solution!
This project creates a storage solution that is not only cute, but very practical.  Best part: It’s so easy!  Especially if you use the short-cut method that I used.  You can customize these in so many ways and match them to whatever decor you want.  Use any color or pattern of fabric you’d like, with any type of ribbon or embellishments you choose.  There are so many possibilities!  And who doesn’t need more storage?  You could use these for toys, nursery supplies, DVDs, books, puzzles, magazines, video games, craft supplies, etc.  These would look great as storage on a nursery changing table, or in cubbies or on book shelves.  And you don’t have to use a diaper box.  Any box will do.  If you already have fabric lying around, then this project is basically free.  If not, then for just a yard or so of fabric (a little more if you want to do the inside too), it still costs way less than purchasing store-bought baskets or bins.  I will be making more of these very soon!

Fabric-Covered Diaper Box: A cute, easy storage solution!

 Will you be making some of these? What would you use it for?


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  1. Tanya from Dans le Townhouse says

    Such a genius idea! I have to try this.

    So much inspiration here – your blog is lovely. I came over from AT (congrats on the nomination!). I was nominated too, so I’ve been perusing crafty blogs I had yet to discover. I’m a bit of a DIY fanatic myself. Your blog is gorgeous and I am heading back to AT to vote for you (I love that we can vote so many times, for different blogs). I’ll be vote #9 – yay!!

  2. marykaytiffany says

    I am so excited to try this for the playroom/family room in our new house! We have a TV unit that has open shelving, but the shelves are too big for store bought baskets…I have a ton of paper boxes that I plan to use and do this to, which I’ll use to keep toys hidden and still look pretty! FOR CHEAP!

  3. Maria says

    Wonderful idea! I have two-year-old daughter and I have a lot of diaper boxes at home. Now I know what can I do with them. I needed boxes where I could put her toys so this is amazing idea! Regards!

  4. rita says

    This is really a fabulous idea .. I just wanted to know what kind of fabric have you used and from where can I buy it ?

    • Erin @ DIY on the Cheap says

      Thank you! I used upholstery weight fabric. I got this a few years ago, I think it came from Hobby Lobby.

      • Tracy says

        How much fabric did you use? I’ve seen anywhere from 1-3 yards. I’ve got diaper boxes coming out my ears lol.

        • Erin Spain says

          I used a yard of fabric and this is a small diaper box. I would use a couple of yards if you are using an extra large box. I didn’t line the inside though, so if you want the inside lined too then maybe a yard and a half would suffice.

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