Fern Leaf Christmas Tree Art

Fern Leaf Christmas Tree Art at DIYontheCheap.com.

I love incorporating things from nature into my projects. Especially since they are free. ;) This Fern Leaf Christmas Tree Art was extremely easy to make, and just cost a few bucks. The fern came from our front yard. I just snipped off a leaf and pressed it between wax paper for a few days to dry it out. I was inspired when I saw this fern art at S.A.S. Interiors, and realized I have a ton of them in my yard and I should do something fun with them.

Here’s what I used for this project:

Once my fern leaf was dried, I used a few drops of carefully-placed tacky glue to adhere it to the canvas. I then dotted tacky glue onto the back of the mini pom poms and stuck those onto the tree.

For the star, I molded it out of bakeable clay and painted it with liquid gilding. (I used the same process as my clay ornaments.)

If you don’t have ferns in your yard, you can purchase them, or just get creative and use other types of leave shaped into a tree.

Fern Leaf Christmas Tree tutorial

Do you love crafting with natural elements too? You can’t beat free, right?

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  1. Love! How cute! I just pinned this :) Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. So cute! I love how simple the artwork is and the classic Christmas colors! Now I just need to find some fern leaves outside ;)

  3. Love this and love how its so simple to make!

  4. Such a lovely idea– great for small spaces as well. Might just have to make this for next year!

  5. Grazie! Progetto bello e raffinato!

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