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I love a good home decor or home improvement-related challenge. I was recently given the challenge to come up with a solution for a damaged ceiling using Armstrong Residential Ceilings products. I had a lot of fun dreaming up what I would do if this ceiling belonged to me. There are a lot of possibilities!

As you can see, this ceiling is in serious need of repair.

Fix an ugly ceiling with Armstrong Residential Ceilings products!

This is a drop ceiling and appears to be in a basement. It looks like it has a lot of water damage and quite frankly is just not very attractive. Luckily, Armstrong has a lot of options to improve not-so-pretty ceilings. There is hope for this poor ceiling after all!

If this home was mine, I would probably install the Easy Elegance Coffer drop panels from Armstrong.

Armstrong Residential Ceilings Easy Elegance Coffer Drop panels

I love the look of coffered ceilings. We actually have drop panels in our basement, and I always just assumed there was no way to make it look more attractive. I love that these coffered panels can actually conceal the fact that it’s a drop ceiling. If we weren’t moving soon, I would probably install these in my own home. They transform something that is plain and boring (and in the case of the top photo above, damaged too) and make it look nice and elegant.

I also really like this Metallaire Bead drop panel. The detailing is really pretty.

Armstrong Residential Ceilings Metallaire Bead Drop Panel

Regardless of what your ceiling dilemma may be, Armstrong has a product that can work as a solution for you.

Do you have an “ugly ceiling”? If so, check out Armstrong Residential Ceiling products and let me know what solution you love the most!

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  1. Ick and Wow all at the same time! We are currently having our closed in porch renovated after a recent fire and I would really love these ceiling tiles. However, everywhere I look they are sooooo expensive. Still, I love this look!

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