Waterproofing the Porch with Rainguard

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Rainguard Advanced Waterproofer 10-Year

We’ve actually been getting quite a bit of rain here in Georgia recently, so the timing was perfect to try out a new product called Rainguard. Rainguard is a waterproofing product designed to protect against the damaging effects of water, salt and weathering. It is designed for driveways, sidewalks, pavers, porches, patios, decks, fences and unpainted exterior walls, but it can also be used on smaller projects like flowerpots or birdhouses. I decided to give it a try on our front porch since we do see a lot of water collect there in certain spots. Our porch is made of brick, and we definitely want to protect it to the best of our ability.

Here’s a shot of our front porch “before”:

Front Porch before waterproofing with Rainguard

Aside from the fact that it desperately needed to be swept (sorry about that, anyone who has come to our front door lately!), you can see that water pools on some of the bricks and settles into the cracks and becomes absorbed. This was several hours after a rain — normally there are lots more puddles if it has rained recently.

I tried out the Advanced Waterproofer 10-Year, which comes in a large bottle with a battery-operated sprayer.

Rainguard battery-powered sprayer

One thing that really got my attention about this product is the fact that it is eco-friendly, non-toxic and safe. Of course, being pregnant and having two little boys with asthma, this was very reassuring! I don’t like going around spraying nasty toxic chemicals around our home. Most other waterproofing products on the market are not eco-friendly, so this was definitely a plus. Other benefits are that it dries in less than an hour, dries clear (no yellowing over time!), and is easy to clean up with soap and water. Since it’s non-toxic, not only is it safe for your family, but it won’t harm your pets or plants either.

The first thing I did was sweep all of the debris off the porch as best I could, and removed our doormat. I allowed the remaining water to dry thoroughly before spraying.

Then, I turned the sprayer to the “on” position and doused the entire porch.

Rainguard Advanced Waterproofer 10-Year

The first thing I noticed was that I didn’t smell any fumes at all. Obviously I was outside where it’s well-ventilated, but I still didn’t really smell anything.

I let the porch dry for an hour before we walked on it, and then a few hours later I poured a bucket of water on it to test it out.

Waterproof your porch (or deck, driveway, or outdoor space) with Rainguard!

As you can see, the water now sits on top of the bricks, and even where it went into the cracks it is sort of sitting on top of them, not being absorbed into them like before. I definitely notice a difference for sure. Now that I have the waterproofing out of the way, I need to work on getting some flowerpots and making our porch pretty!

You can find Rainguard at The Home Depot, and there’s also a free sample campaign going on now over on Rainguard’s Facebook page. Just stop by and fill out the form under the tab “Free Sample!,” and like their Facebook page. They will send you a sample of the Advanced Waterpoofer 10-Year in an eco-POD form. You can also connect with them on Twitter.

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  1. Kirsten says

    It has rained a lot here lately. I need this for my front porch swing, definitely. It’s handmade by my uncle so I want it to last forever. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Jenny says

    Hi Erin! I love learning about products like these and I’m very interested in seeing an update down the line about how it holds up over time… but I want to let you know (from working regularly with products containing similar ingredients in my day job as a chemist) that this kind of material is not likely generally non-toxic or harmless. I see the 100% eco-friendly label on the front, but I’m pretty certain that is in reference to its VOC compliance and claims of low-odor character being pet and plant friendly. Based on information in the product’s Material Safety Data Sheet and Technical Data Sheet listed on the company’s website, it is certainly something you want to treat like any other hazardous household chemical. Protect yourself from exposure (especially while pregnant), keep out of the reach of children, prevent spills, and dispose of properly as you would other hazardous household waste. It is a jug of chemicals after all. Thanks for reading!!

    • Erin @ DIY on the Cheap says

      Thanks Jenny! As with any chemical we are definitely being cautious, and the kids do not have access to it. Thanks for your concern! :)

    • Paige Carmichael says


      Thank you for your post. It is always best to use precautions when applying any chemicals, whether it meets SARA rules or not. The product in question does not contain any ingredients with carcinogens, nor is it flammable or explosive. These tests have been performed and examined extensively. We always welcome comments in order to improve our products and appreciate your suggestions and concerns. Should you have any questions, please feel free to call us.

      Paige Carmichael
      Marketing Assistant
      Rainguard International
      Costa Mesa, CA

    • Erin @ DIY on the Cheap says

      It works great, Debbie! I used it on our front steps too — my husband worried it might make them slippery but nope it didn’t at all!

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